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//NEW Aluminum Extrusions

NEW Aluminum Extrusions

SEG Warehouse is proud to announce our newest profiles: SEGW-P-103 and SEGW-P-122! These NEW aluminum extrusions are sure to impress when compared to their previous design. Here are the details:


Also known as F-Track, this aluminum extrusion is perfect for converting previously existing walls or structures to fabric compatible structures. With the extended opening in the slot, you can now place mounting screws directly into the channel for extra rigidity and support. With this new feature we were able to completely remove the flange, creating a more compact and versatile profile without compromising integrity.


Also known as Y-Track, this aluminum extrusion is perfect for converting structures with corners into fabric compatible structures. With its sleek redesign, you are now able to use SEGW-P-122 with SEGW-P-103 to create flawless corner seams in fabric walls. With the ability to either wrap completely around, creating a seamless experience, or the ability to create panels that perfectly fit into a corner joint, this profile is sure to assist turn your structure into a beautiful fabric display piece.

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