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SEG Lightboxes

SEG Lightboxes are perfect for those wanting an extra something in their tradeshow booth or retail environment. Our extrusions are all made in the USA and come in various sizes to make sure you get what you need. We feature the best lighting in the industry and have 2 options for lighting your frame: ladder lights or perimeter lights. These lighting options ensure that no matter your choice in aluminum extrusion, we’ve got you covered. Combine all of this with our beautiful backlit prints and you have a recipe for success.

Still not convinced? Here are some companies that use lightboxes at their events or in their retail environments: Barnes & Noble, Quiksilver, Twitch, Amazon, Hulu, NASCAR, Nike and many more!

For more information on backlit extrusions, visit our Backlit Profiles section.

For more information on lighting, visit our Lighting section.

For more information onĀ  fabric, visit our Fabric section.

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