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Highest quality aluminum frames for SEG fabric prints.

SEG fabric frames are designed to meet the high demand of retail campaign rollouts as well as custom themed events and surroundings. SEG frames are easy to handle and install, making them the ideal solution for every application.

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Types of frames

Nonlit Profiles: (retro, universal and nonlit)

Nonlit profiles (also known as frontlit) are built without the ability to illuminate prints from behind. These are perfect for retrofitting previously existing walls, building decor elements and much more.

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Backlit Profiles:

Backlit profiles are built with the ability to be illuminated from within the frame, making the print “light up.” These are perfect for directional signage, building structures, building decor elements and much more.

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Cube Profiles:

Cube profiles are perfect to build structures or directional signage from. With the ability to be nonlit or backlit, these are some of the most versatile profiles you can use.

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Hanging Tension Profiles:

Hanging tension profiles are perfect for constructing hanging signs from. These are most commonly used during tradeshows to help indicate where booths are as well as providing the first step in successfully advertising your company.

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Accessories are used with every style of profile we have. Whether using feet on backlit frames or requesting a duffel bag for your hanging sign, we have various options to help get you what you need.

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