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///SEGW-P-103 Nonlit Aluminum Extrusion
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SEGW-P-103 Nonlit Aluminum Extrusion

SEGW-P-103 Nonlit Aluminum Extrusion Picture

About SEGW-P-103

The SEGW-P-103 profile is one of the most cost effective and universal profiles around. With its slender, compact design, you will be able to turn your existing structures or displays into beautiful SEG prints. Combine this with our high quality fabric graphics and you will be sure to stand out!

SEGW-P-103 Nonlit Aluminum Extrusion Icons
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Profile Diagrams


SEGW-P-103 Nonlit Aluminum Extrusion Dimensions

Fabric Installation

SEGW-P-103 Nonlit Aluminum Extrusion Fabric Installation

Profile Specifications


Minimum: 8″ x 8″

Maximum: (any width)” x (any height)”

Orientation: portrait – or – landscape


Graphic size: equivalent to frame size

Process: dye-sublimation

Material: MDK Heavy, MDK Opaque – or – MDK XL

Finishing: stitched silicone edge beading


Preassembled: hand-delivered (Vegas only) – or – packaged and shipped

Disassembled: hand-delivered (Vegas only) – or – packaged and shipped


Standard: silver anodized aluminum

Custom: powder coat (additional cost)

Suggested Uses

  • retail space
  • hospitals
  • airports
  • schools
  • restaurants
  • shopping malls
  • corporate space
  • tradeshows & exhibitions
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